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Carpet Stains

National Rug Cleaners, Inc. uses environmentally friendly products to remove most spots and neutralize most odors.  We do not recommend trying different cleaning products or cleaning methods to remove a spot or spots from carpet or upholstery, because as a result, the spot may worsen and become a permanent stain. Additional information on spot and odor removal is listed below.

Pet Stains and Odors
Pet stains on newer carpets can usually be removed; however, pet stains are usually permanent on older carpets. 

Why are some pet stains permanent?
Pet urine is an acid, which penetrates and destroys the fibers of the carpet and padding. Repeated accidents cause the carpet and padding to become soaked and ruined; therefore, repeated pet stains and odors are usually permanent.

What do I do if my pet has an accident?
National Rug Cleaners recommends treating these areas as soon as possible with a biodegradable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning product. Please remember that trying multiple products and cleaning methods on any stain will usually do more harm than good, and in some cases, the stain may become permanent. 

Red Dye Stains
Removing red dye stains is a very time consuming and costly service.  We highly recommend that you avoid these spills. To clean red dye stains, we recommend blotting the stain with a clean white terry towel and then using a non-toxic, biodegradable spot remover product to attempt to remove the stain.

Georgia Clay
Georgia clay is usually removable, even from white and lighter-colored carpets and upholstery.

Permanent Markers                       
Ink from permanent marker or pen is usually treatable if the ink is removed in a timely manner.

Antique Furniture Stains
Antique furniture stains are usually permanent.

Mustard Stains
Mustard stains are always permanent.

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Carpet Cleaning Excellence...

For the past 15 years National Rug Cleaners has been Dupont Certified
Institute of inspection cleaning and restoration certification
Atlanta National Rug Cleaners has maintained the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification
since 1989
Douglasville Chamber of Commerce Member