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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose the truck-mounted steam cleaning method for carpet cleaning?
Your carpet is the “filter” of your home. Steam extraction is the only carpet cleaning method that completely removes dirt, spills, and other debris from your carpet. Steam extraction is the oldest method of carpet cleaning and is the only carpet cleaning method recommended by all carpet manufacturers.

National Rug Cleaners, Inc., uses the truck-mounted steam cleaning method because it is the safest and most effective steam cleaning method available today. We use the truck-mounted steam cleaning method to clean your carpet and then extract the moisture from your carpet, which allows your carpet to dry quickly.

Are the cleaning products safe?
National Rug Cleaners uses only the most environmentally friendly products available.  Our cleaning products meet all of the EPA standards. National Rug Cleaners products are non-toxic, non-polluting, and completely biodegradable and do not leave behind any chemical residue in your carpet.

What is the importance of using a deodorizer?
Deodorizing and steam cleaning carpet and upholstery helps to eliminate any unpleasant odors left by pets, spills, or wear. Deodorization also helps to eliminate odors that are caused by bacteria.
How can I protect my carpet from spills?
In many cases we can apply a carpet sealer to protect your carpet and make spot removal easier, since the sealer helps keep dirt and debris on the surface of the carpet.

What do you recommend for a spot remover?
National Rug Cleaners has an exclusive environmentally friendly spot remover that can be purchased. In most cases, if the carpet has been sealed, you can easily remove spots by applying our spot remover.

What spots and odors are considered permanent?
National Rug Cleaners has special products to remove most spots and neutralize most odors. Pet stains on most newer carpets can usually be removed; however, on many older carpets, pet stains are usually permanent. Mustard is always permanent. Antique furniture stains are usually permanent. Indelible marker is permanent, and some types of ink are permanent. Red clay can usually be removed. Red dye stains can usually be removed for an additional charge.

Is carpet dying recommended?
National Rug Cleaners only recommends carpet dying in rare circumstances. Carpet dying is not a permanent solution. Once the carpet has been dyed, the carpet has to be re-dyed on a routine basis.

How long does it take for the carpet to dry and can I walk on the wet carpet?
National Rug Cleaners has developed a unique cleaning method, which results in the carpet drying within three to four hours of cleaning. To aid in the drying process, we recommend that you use air conditioning, heat, or ceiling fans to aid in air circulation in the room(s).
You can walk on the carpet immediately after the carpet is cleaned, provided that shoes with clean soles are worn. No leather soles should be worn until the carpet is completely dry, because the leather dye can leave a permanent stain on wet carpet.
Does National Rug Cleaners have a special process for cleaning Oriental rugs?
We clean Oriental rugs in your home, saving you both time and money.  National Rug Cleaners, Inc., has a special cleaning process that safely and effectively removes dirt and debris from Oriental rugs, leaving the rugs bright and beautiful. Some stains and odors may be permanent.

Does National Rug Cleaners clean upholstery?
Yes. We have an effective and safe process that we use to clean upholstery. Upholstery cleans nicely in most cases; however, some stains are permanent.
Is National Rug Cleaners insured?
National Rug Cleaners, Inc., is fully insured.

Are you certified?
Yes, National Rug Cleaners, Inc. is IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration) certified.

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